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The Reason Lightning Doesn't Strike The Same Place Twice ... The Same Place Isn't There A Second Time !

Protect your Home and Marine Assets with our Lightning Prevention Products

If you take away the build up of opposite charge the potential of an up streamer can not occur….

this means de ionisation does not allow a lightning strike to occur in a protected area

22 years protecting assets all over the world…on land and sea We work with global leaders in lightning protection

Lightning is produced by cumulonimbus clouds which have the capacity to store electric charge, this electric charge is attracted by geometric points on the ground or in other clouds by principle of electromagnetism, through the voltage increases by these charges of opposite sign, the electric field increases to extreme magnitudes and what is called dielectric breakdown occurs, practically the air becomes a conductor (air is naturally an electrical insulator) where this phenomenon occurs paths named ascending and descending tracers are generated, these tracers are the path of the charges coming from the cloud and of the charges on the ground.

When these charges of opposite signs impact, the beginning of the lightning is generated, which turns out to be a destructive force that during it manifests there is a transfer of electrical charge in both directions.

Lightning Prevention

CMCE technology uses the ground charges as a supply field through its ground system and charges from the atmosphere by electrical induction, once its associated capacitors are energized it works as a passive sensor system designed to balance and de-ionize at all times the effects of atmospheric phenomena through multiple compensators, generating a protective shield in its coverage area.

Its operating principle is based on compensating, stabilizing the existing electric field in its environment, generating the conditions of factors so that no electric discharge is produced in the protection area, in this way it cancels the formation of the ascending tracer, neutralizing the lightning, draining the electrical charges to ground, in harmless milliamps.

Unlike the franklin lightning rods or the active lightning rods that attract the lightning, the function of the CMCE is to constantly balance the electric field of its surroundings without the formation of electric discharges in its protection area

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